[Xcb] No rule to make target `generics.xcb', needed by `xcl/proto.c'.

Tim Mathews tmathews04 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 20:32:11 PST 2004


While building XCB as per the instructions on the XCB page, I recieve
the following error compiling X11:

No rule to make target `generics.xcb', needed by `xcl/proto.c'.

If I understand correctly, generics.xcb was a file of m4 macros and
has been superceded by XML, right?  So is this an issue with the
current X11 in CVS or am I just doing something wrong?  I figured this
would be the better list to ask until someone tells me it's a problem
with xlib/X11 and not XCB.


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