[Xcb] XCBCompositeRedirect not used?

Josh Triplett josh at freedesktop.org
Sun Nov 14 13:44:59 PST 2004

Jeremy A. Kolb wrote:
> The XCBCompositeRedirect enum should be used in the 
> XCBComposite(Un?)Redirect* functions.  The enum is defined in the header 
> file but is not used anywhere else.

Enums in C (without the non-standard gcc option -fshort-enums) are
always 4 bytes long.  The update field in those four requests must be a
1-byte field.  This precludes declaring it to be of type Redirect,
despite the fact that the values for the update field come from that
enum type.

A current XML-XCB todo item is to add an attribute to the enum tag
specifying a size, so that fields declared in the XML descriptions with
an enum type will get the appropriate size, which will require declaring
the C structure field to be of type CARD8 or CARD16 if the requested
size is 1 or 2 bytes.

- Josh Triplett
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