[Xcb] Old and new CVS repositories are available via rsync

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Nov 19 10:44:50 PST 2004

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I've made the post-breakin version of CVS available for anonymous rsync 
along with a relatively old version of CVS.  We need help looking over the 
differences in the repositories to make sure there aren't any 'unexpected' 

Right now, the 'old' CVS is in /cvs; the plan is to vette the post-breakin 
bits and move them over.

To fetch the ancient bits:

	$ rsync -avz freedesktop.org::cvs/<module> .

The post-breakin bits are in /compromised-cvs, to fetch them:

	$ rsync -avz freedesktop.org::compromised-cvs/<module> .

Each project needs to check their own bits and let us know that they're 
safe to move over.

- -keith

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