[Xcb] SCMS for XCB?

Jim Gettys Jim.Gettys at hp.com
Mon Aug 1 23:50:02 EST 2005

I think almost everyone working on X would like a new SCM.

But which one isn't yet quite clear.

I expect this will become a serious topic of discussion this fall after
the modular release ships.
				- Jim

On Mon, 2005-08-01 at 09:18 -0400, Trevor Woerner wrote:
> On Saturday 30 July 2005 14:46, Barton C Massey wrote:
> > In message <200507301430.31666.xcb506 at vtnet.ca> you wrote:
> > > On Saturday 30 July 2005 13:34, Barton C Massey wrote:
> > > > Also, is a reasonable ASCII repository format a
> > > > requirement?
> > >
> > > Subversion has had support for both ASCII (fsfs) and binary
> > > (Berkley-db) repository formats for a while. Whoever sets up the
> > > repository has always had a choice, although db has been the
> > > default. With the latest release of subversion, 1.2.0, fsfs (i.e.
> > > ASCII) is now the default.
> >
> > AFAIK, fsfs is still a binary format.  Am I confused?
> fsfs stores each revision and each revision's properties as a separate 
> file (0, 1, 2, ...). You can work with these separate files as you 
> would any other file in the system. My understanding is that these 
> files are stored in something called "delta-storage" which means you 
> can open them with a text editor, basically get the gist of what's 
> going on (you can [mostly] "read" them), but don't make any 
> modifications because the meta-information will now be wrong. Btw, the 
> meta information appears to be stored in ASCII.
> The bdb (Berkley DB) backend stored the entire repository into one 
> binary database file. Special tools were needed in order to examine any 
> internals.
> Is that considered ASCII format? I don't know if this would qualify for 
> you. Just because you can read the file doesn't mean it should be 
> modified (in fact it shouldn't be). There is a process for changing a 
> log message after a commit (say, to fix spelling). But usually after a 
> commit has occurred the database shouldn't be touched.
> I guess we've ended up in this funny state: basic usage of CVS required 
> us to be able to muck around in the repository internals because of all 
> of CVS's shortcomings. Now we've come to expect to be able to muck 
> around in the guts of a r.JǷ[qEf륾C3$!01]qs1z:
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