[Xcb] Getting time since server started and `XIfEvent'

Travis Spencer travislspencer at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 16:04:33 EST 2005

On 8/8/05, Jamey Sharp <jamey at minilop.net> wrote:
> No, as I said you can't switch event-queue owners mid-stream. You really
> have to pick one or the other when the Display is opened, and stick with
> it. 

Is the operation idempotent?  I'm betting it is.  GDK opens a
connection in two different places, so I would need to call it in both
locations 'cuase who know which will get called first.

> This means that all event handling has to be ported all at once.

Yipes. That's good to know!

> OK, but gdk_x11_get_server_time is called with a GdkWindow, and you can
> get the Display from that.

I was thinking of XSETTINGS's implementation of get_server_time,  but
I'm gonna stop thinking about that code for now. 



Travis Spencer

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