[Xcb] XCB error handling; my penultimate proposal

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Mon Dec 19 11:40:34 PST 2005

On Mon, Dec 19, 2005 at 07:49:35AM +0100, Vincent Torri wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Dec 2005, Barton C Massey wrote:
> > Comments?  Especially from someone other than the three of
> > us?
> i'm trying to port ecore to xcb and to use the properties of xcb
> correctly (I've sent an example but no one made comments on it) and I use
> the fact that all the reply functions has the same prototype:
> XCBConnection *, unsigned int, XCBGenericError **
> I don't know if my method is good or not, but i think that xcb has to
> manage a bunch of reply asks in a easy manner. Otherwise, it will be
> *really* a pain. I don't know what to do yet, if I can't have the same
> prototype for all the reply functions.

I think that under all of these proposals, the reply functions all have
identical prototypes (aside from name inequality on the Cookie types);
it's just not clear whether they'll be two-argument or three-argument

If you're talking about your cookie-queueing code, if your method isn't
good then neither is mine in xcb_reply. So I hope your method is good.

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