[Xcb] XCB error handling; my ultimate proposal

Vincent Torri Vincent.Torri at iecn.u-nancy.fr
Fri Dec 23 22:55:44 PST 2005

> I can imagine Keithp objecting that for now we shouldn't
> code such a complex scheme until we need it, and instead
> should just do the part that doesn't let errors into the
> event queue for now.  However, some of the XCB demos really
> want to just exit on any error, and for the ones that
> actually read the event queue this mechanism is perfect.
> Further, I really want to code my upcoming toolkit (yes, I'm
> gonna do it) in the style that lets most errors cause an
> exit in the event handler but catches "expected" errors
> inline.  Plan 7 lets me do this.

a toolkit like gtk ? I've begun one :)


PS : i'm sure you'll reach the plan 9, the Plan 9 from outer space ;)

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