[Xcb] hidden-visibility and library size

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Wed Dec 28 12:15:03 PST 2005

On Wed, Dec 28, 2005 at 09:22:43AM +0100, Vincent Torri wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Dec 2005, Jamey Sharp wrote:
> > That's fine, but it's *your* preference: don't impose it on me. :-)
> hehe, i impose nothing :) I just present my point of view :)

Heh. :-)

All I meant was this: adding logic to the configure script to prevent
using optimization and debugging together just makes life harder. So
let's not do that.

> > Maybe the macro should try compiling a function with the visibility
> > attribute instead of testing for -fvisibility?
> if we don't set all the exported symbols as hidden, then yes.

I've just done a little experiment with GCC 3.4.5, which documents the
visibility attribute, but apparently ignores it. It also ignores the
pragma and chokes on -fvisibility.

I suppose any GCC version will support the attribute or pragma if and
only if it accepts -fvisibility, so I guess your original test was
probably the best one.

> > I don't understand. Why did you change the AC_OUTPUT invocation to use
> > AC_CONFIG_FILES? If it's important, please post a separate patch for it.
> it's the recommended way to do that (according to the autoconf doc). See
> obsolete construct, section 15.

OK, that's a good reason. :-) I've committed this change.

> > Obviously this change shouldn't be part of this patch. I'm not sure I
> > want it committed at all, though I don't feel strongly about that.
> it can tell the user which flags he is using, where the library will be
> installed and what to do. I find these informations usefull. Especially
> when i want to compile a lib with specific flags, to be sure i've not
> forgotten one.

Well, I do want you to be happy, Vincent... :-)

Let's come back to this after we've got visibility sorted out.

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