[Xcb] XCB is ANSI C?

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Thu Dec 29 20:30:50 PST 2005

I don't need it to be the default.  I just need folks to
make an effort to code in a way that will work with it, and
to remember to test-compile with it once in a while to make
sure we're not screwing up.

We should probably have a tinderbox and build regularly on
more platforms than x86 Linux and the occasional Sun
Solaris.  Volunteers?


In message <20051230030551.GB9451 at id.minilop.net> you wrote:
> I've already got -pedantic turned on for the XCB
> library. Are you suggesting we should add -std=c89?
> --Jamey

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