[Xcb] GLX

Jeremy Kolb jkolb@brandeis.edu
Mon Jan 17 20:21:51 PST 2005

Thanks, I'm plugging away at it now.  I'm having trouble distinguishing 
between the api and the wire protocol.  For example I find this in the 

** GLX single request.	Commands that go over as single GLX protocol
** requests use this structure.  The glxCode will be one of the X_GLsop
** opcodes.
typedef struct GLXSingle {
     CARD8	reqType;
     CARD8	glxCode;
     CARD16	length B16;
     GLXContextTag contextTag B32;
} xGLXSingleReq;
#define sz_xGLXSingleReq 8

Now below there's no corresponding opcode, so do I still include this as 
a request/reply?


Josh Triplett wrote:
> Jeremy Kolb wrote:
>>I've decided to sit down and XCBify GLX.  What's the best way to do
>>this? Just go through glxproto.h?
> You need to use just the part of glxproto.h that specifies the wire
> protocol (*not* the GLX API), and translate that into the XML-XCB
> format.  Note that because of the way the GLX protocol works (packing
> encoded gl calls into X requests), writing the GLX protocol for XCB will
> not by itself make it easy to use OpenGL functions from an XCB program
> (unless you want to pack them into requests yourself).
> Unfortunately, I have not yet finished documenting the XML-XCB format;
> you will have to rely on the examples of the existing XML protocol
> descriptions for now.  Feel free to mail the list with any questions you
> may have on the XML-XCB format, especially if you find something that
> you can't express in that format.
>>Also, I have a little bit written so
>>how do I generate the source code from the xml file to check?  Thanks.
> You can generate the source or header for an extension by running:
> xsltproc --stringparam base-path /usr/X11R6/include/X11/XCB/ \
> --stringparam extension-path /usr/X11R6/include/X11/XCB/extensions \
> --stringparam mode [mode, see below] /path/to/c-client.xsl glx.xml
> The mode parameter should be "source" for the source, or "header" for
> the header.  (You could also set the base-path and extension-path to the
> same directories within the source of xcb-proto, if you don't have
> xcb-proto installed.)
> If you are going to invoke these frequently, I suggest making some shell
> functions to invoke these commands.
> - Josh Triplett
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