[Xcb] Running the X Test Suite

Jeremy Kolb jkolb@brandeis.edu
Thu Jan 27 17:44:54 PST 2005

Josh Triplett wrote:
> I looked into how to run the X Test Suite, and managed to download and
> run it using the following instructions:
> Download the version of the X test suite from DRI CVS[1]:
> export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.freedesktop.org:/cvs/dri
> cvs co xtest
> Change to the xtest/xsuite directory.
> Put /path/to/xtest/xsuite/xtest/bin in your $PATH.
> Build the test suite, by running the commands in BUILD.xf86 .
> Edit xtest/tetexec.cfg and make the following changes:
> * Change XT_DISPLAY to the display you will use for testing.
> * In XT_FONTPATH, change the first item in the list (the path to the
>   test fonts) to /path/to/xtest/xsuite/xtest/fonts/install/
> * Change XT_SPEEDFACTOR to 1 (assuming you are running X locally; this
>   speeds up the tests significantly)
> * Change XT_EXTENSIONS to Yes
> * Change XT_VISUAL_CLASSES as appropriate for the available visuals on
>   your X server.
> * In the section "Configuration parameters for Display functions",
> change the values as appropriate based on the output of xdpyinfo.
> * Change XT_LOCAL to Yes
> * Change XT_FONTDIR to /path/to/xtest/xsuite/
> Run an X server on the display specified above; add the flags "-ac -s 0"
> to turn off access control and disable the screen saver.
> Run the X test suite, with the command:
> tcc -e -s link_scen xtest linkexec
> Wait.  (Or kill the server with Ctrl+Alt+Bksp.)
> View the test results with "rpt -p".
> [1] Note that this X test suite is quite old (dating from XF86 3.3.3);
> I'm trying to locate a (usable) newer one.
> - Josh Triplett

On running rpt -p I get:

jkolb@glorfindel:~/cvs/xtest/xsuite/xtest$ rpt -p
ls: /xtest/results/*e*/journal: No such file or directory


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