1024 * dots/inch. -1 to use default valueRight AttachRight MarginRight PaddingRight attachmentRight marginRight margin setRiseRise setRow SpacingRow has childrenRow is an expander row, and is expandedRow spacingRow span columnRowsRowstrideRules HintSans 12ScreenScroll offsetScrollableScrollbar spacingSearch ColumnSecondarySecondary backward stepperSecondary cursor colorSecondary forward stepperSelect MultipleSelect multipleSelect on focusSelectableSelection BoundSelection Box AlphaSelection Box ColorSelection modeSensitiveSet a hint to the theme engine to draw rows in alternating colorsSet the column for the expander columnShadow TypeShadow typeShort labelShow ArrowShow BorderShow Day NamesShow HeadingShow HiddenShow TabsShow Week NumbersShow button imagesShow file operationsShow menu imagesShow sizeShow styleShow textShow the column header buttonsShrinkSide of the handlebox that's lined up with the docking point to dock the handleboxSingle Line ModeSingle Paragraph ModeSizeSize of check or radio indicatorSize of dropdown indicatorSize of icons in default toolbarsSize of spacersSize of the expander arrowSizingSkip pagerSkip taskbarSlider LengthSlider WidthSmallest possible value for the "position" propertySnap edgeSnap edge setSnap to TicksSort direction the sort indicator should indicateSort indicatorSort orderSpace between value text and the slider/trough areaSpace styleSpace to put between the label and the childSpace which is inserted at the edges of the icon viewSpace which is inserted between cellsSpace which is inserted between cells of an itemSpace which is inserted between grid columnSpace which is inserted between grid rowsSpacer sizeSpacingSpacing around check or radio indicatorSpacing around expander arrowSpacing around indicatorSpacing between buttonsSpacing between step buttons and thumbSpacing between thumb/steppers and outer trough bevelSpecifies the visual style of the bar in percentage mode (Deprecated)Specify how resize events are handledSpeeds up GtkTreeView by assuming that all rows have the same heightSplit CursorStep IncrementStepper SizeStepper SpacingStock IDStock ID for a stock image to displayStock IconStock IdStorage typeStrikethroughStrikethrough setStyleStyle of bevel around the contentsStyle of bevel around the menubarStyle of bevel around the spin buttonStyle of bevel around the statusbar textStyle of bevel around the toolbarStyle of underline for this textSymbolic size to use for stock icon, icon set or named iconTRUE if the Position property should be usedTRUE if the window should not be in the pager.TRUE if the window should not be in the task bar.TRUE if the window should receive the input focus when mapped.TRUE if the window should receive the input focus.Tab BorderTab PositionTab expandTab fillTab labelTab pack typeTabsTabs setTag TableTag nameTearoff StateTearoff TitleTextText ColumnText Tag TableText columnText directionText direction, e.g. right-to-left or left-to-rightText of the expander's labelText of the frame's labelText of