[Xcb] xcb installation notes

Jeremy Kolb jkolb at brandeis.edu
Sat Jul 30 01:42:50 EST 2005

Quoting Trevor Woerner <twoerner.x at gmail.com>:

> Hi everyone,
> Last night I got XCB installed and working (thanks to the help of some
> very patient people!). I re-performed those steps on a "fresh" machine
> today just to make sure everything I did last night was sane. I have
> attached those notes for everyone else as a "thank you" for the help I
> received. Enjoy.
> By the way, on two different machines the xcb-demo application
> ./rendertest has crashed my X server with signal 11.
> Best regards,
>     Trevor

Congratulations :)

rendertest also crashes my X server.  What video card are you running?  I have
an NVidia card using their drivers and I think it's a driver issue.


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