[Xcb] XCBImage

Jeremy Kolb jkolb at brandeis.edu
Sun Mar 6 14:00:05 PST 2005

> (Josh, one of the things Xamine is supposed to do eventually is give us
> a convenient protocol pretty-printer, right? Do you think it'll be
> reasonably well-suited to being a "default" error handler for XCB-based
> apps? Figuring out what X error just killed an XCB app is currently a
> bit of a pain.)

That would be really awesome.

> I have some ideas for simplifying the Xlib-derived code, which should
> make it run faster, use less memory, and be easier to validate. I won't
> get into those just yet, though; we'd better make sure the current stuff
> works first, I think.
By "Xlib-derived code" do you mean xcl?


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