[Xcb] Record

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Thu Mar 10 00:05:40 PST 2005

Keith Packard is sitting here right now and says he doesn't
know of any X programs that use the Record extension :-).
"Nobody has ever made it work.  A bunch of people have
tried, and no one has succeeded, as far as I know."  It's
very sad.

That said, we'd love to have you check in your XML! :-) :-)


In message <422FFCFF.6080709 at brandeis.edu> you wrote:
> Any interest in the Record extension? I'm almost done writing up an xml 
> file for it but I can't find any sample programs that use it.  I think 
> this would be pretty useful for debugging (and xtest?) actually.
> Jeremy
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