[Xcb] icccm

Vincent Torri Vincent.Torri at iecn.u-nancy.fr
Mon Mar 21 04:18:21 PST 2005

> Sure, you can queue the reply cookies that XCB gives you. If you can be
> certain that you enqueue them in the order that XCB produces them, then
> they'll be in the same order as the returning replies, so you can
> minimize latency there. That's an easy invariant to maintain as long as
> you have one queue per thread (which is obviously true if you're
> single-threaded).

it would be interesting to do that for evas. But, i have to understand the 
mechanism. Is it possible that someone writes a very simple program with 
xlib, and another in xcb using the ssytem of queues, written such that the 
differences are explicit ?

Thank you


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