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Vincent Torri Vincent.Torri at iecn.u-nancy.fr
Fri Mar 25 13:48:12 PST 2005

> > 2) There is a small test of PutPixel (no shm) attached, in ZPixmap format.
> > It draws a Lissajoux curve. In XYPixmap format, nothing is drawn. What
> > about adding it as test, or replacing the current test by this one ?
> It seems like a fine new test to add. I tried it out and sure enough, it
> didn't work if I changed "ZPixmap" to "XYPixmap" in the source. I
> fiddled with it a bit in GDB, but I got bored. :-)
> Please do commit, though I'd suggest changing the program's name.
> "lissajoux.c", perhaps, so that I'll never be able to type it correctly,
> ever?

I can't commit, but i'm playing with xcb. Another example of the use of
XCBImage : julia. Ok, it's useless to explain what it does ;)

What about adding a xcb-examples directory ? I have some small examples of
the use of xcb on my hard disk...

I'm also upgrading the tutorial (correcting some things). Where can i put
it ? maybe in xcb-tutorial, with the file and its stylesheet ?

About the convenient functions that i'm writing, my imagination is quite
poor about a name for the file. Someone has an idea ? And where should we
put it ?

I'll try to fix this problem with the cvs access. Maybe i'll give another
ssh key to Daniel.


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