[Xcb] mesa +xcb = assertion death

Jeremy Kolb jkolb at brandeis.edu
Mon May 2 19:04:09 PDT 2005

Jamey Sharp wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-04-29 at 18:06 -0400, Jeremy Kolb wrote:
>>Jamey Sharp wrote:
>>>>However I have no idea why the generic reply is returning 0 as a 
>>>>sequence number, nor do I know what response_type 5 is.
>>>Response type 5 is a ButtonRelease event. (0 is an error, 1 is a reply,
>>>and everything else is an event; you can look up core events in
>>>xproto.xml, xproto.h, or your friendly neighborhood X protocol
>>I saw that but disregarded it since no button has been hit at this 
>>point, indeed there isn't a window and this happens in both glxgears 
>>(eventually spawns a window when this problem doesn't occur) and glxinfo 
>>(no window ever).
> Ethereal, run on your tcpdump trace, clearly says that a bunch of events
> with sequence number 0 immediately follow the reply to the last GLX
> request made. But they look like nonsense events to me (weird timestamps
> and window IDs; and getting KeymapNotify, ButtonRelease, EnterNotify,
> KeymapNotify, DestroyNotify, ColormapNotify, nonexistent event 39, and
> then the entire same sequence again seems quite improbable). I suspect
> your X server is busted, and is reporting the wrong length on the
> GLXVendorPrivateWithReply reply. Dunno why it would do that, of course.

Hm... I'll try recompiling xorg then.  Since I'm normally running the 
binary nvidia drivers I found my cached libGL/libGLcore and used those 
instead... maybe that's where the problem lies.  I'll play with it some 

Has anyone else been able to get cvs mesa running on X11 --with-xcb 
(make mesa with 'make linux-dri' and don't use any dri drivers, 
otherwise it doesn't use the indirect glx)?

> Today I saw your blog entries on this, BTW. Sorry, can't say I agree
> that it's XCB's fault. ;-)

Haha, yeah they just put that up today... I haven't had time to censor 
my blog so I hope I didn't say anything too bad!  And now that you've 
given me this new info I'll have to agree with you ;)

I'll play around a bit more and see what's up.


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