[Xcb] XcbApi wiki page now up

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Wed May 11 18:39:12 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-05-11 at 01:30 -0400, Jeremy Kolb wrote:
> I just imported the XcbApi wiki page and cleaned it up a lot.  It's 
> still horribly busted though (All #links are broken, some formatting 
> issues).  Can someone take a look and clean it up the rest of the way as 
> I'm not really sure how this works.  Also someone needs to verify that 
> this is up to date and correct.  I believe this is the last of the old 
> pages to be moved over (really I hope it is, not entirely sure).

Thanks Jeremy! I've just fixed some of the formatting. I hope somebody
will fix up the last little formatting issues, but it's in good enough
shape that I can stand to read it now. :-)

The XcbApi page does not, in fact, quite reflect reality; I've been
meaning to finish implementing what it specifies for some time. Turns
out I'd implemented a couple of things already that were flagged as
unfinished, though, so I've corrected those. Everything that remains
marked is either related to establishing a connection to an X server, or
is a minor function renaming.

I also just fixed up a couple of annoyances on the wiki: I symlinked
the /png path to www.freedesktop.org's copy so we don't get broken
images, and I made the xcb topic be the actual frontpage so there isn't
that irritating redirect message on the first page visitors see.

I'd kind of like to get the same URL rewriting magic that
cairographics.org has to eliminate '/wiki' from our URLs, but I don't
care enough.


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