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Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue May 31 14:54:44 PDT 2005

On Tue, 31 May 2005 22:42:01 +0200 (CEST), Vincent Torri wrote:
> > Unfortunately the Cairo folks merged the software implementation of
> > Render together with the region code into one library, so libpixman
> > still isn't a minimal region implementation. On the other hand, I
> > suppose people who want ecore also want Cairo, so they should have
> > libpixman installed anyway. :-)
> we don't want cairo. It's too slow. Even if evas has a cairo backend.

You can ignore cairo here. Jamey was pointing out that the region code
you want now lives in libpixman.

But libpixman is intended to be useful independent of cairo. The main
purpose for it to exist is to share common code between the
client-side X libraries and the X server, (which you are likely to be
using even if you don't want cairo for any reason[*]).

We haven't yet ported the X server user libpixman for the Render
fallbacks instead of its own code, so there might be some API changes
needed in libpixman when we do that, but I don't expect much to change
in the region stuff.

> ok, so, i'll write this Region stuff.

I hope not. The goal of libpixman was to move from two implementations
to one. Though it temporarily gives us three versions, neither of the
old implementations of the region code are being touched. (The same
isn't quite true of the rendering code so there is getting to be some
expediency to porting the X server to libpixman). I don't see that
there would be much benefit in creating yet another copy of the region


PS. As for cairo being too slow, we've spent most of the work on cairo
so far on getting a very good, easy-to-use interface for drawing
things people want with an architecture that will allow things to go
fast. If you have reasons to dislike the current interface of cairo,
or you can identify an architectural performance problem, then I would
be very interested in hearing either of those. The fact that the
current implementation is not optimal is not surprising as it has not
been a primary concern in the work so far, (though it's getting to be
as we're moving closer to cairo 1.0).
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