[Xcb] some questions and remarks

Vincent Torri Vincent.Torri at iecn.u-nancy.fr
Sat Sep 17 08:32:49 PDT 2005


I'm trying to port xcompmgr to xcb, and i've run inton some trouble. Here
are my questions/remarks:

1) For the QueryTree stuff, there is no Next() or End() functions. Is it
normal ?

2) for the damage extension, XCBDamageDAMAGE is just a CARD32, not a
struct. And so, there is no New() function. Also, XDamageReportNonEmpty is
not ported in damage.h. I think it's missing

3) Is there an equivalent of NextRequest in xcb ?

4) In Xlib, XRenderFindVisualFormat returns iknformation for the format,
the type and domething named 'direct'. With xcb, to get the format, I
iterate on screen, depth, and visual iter variables, then I can get the
format Id.
 But type and direct can only be retrieved with forminfo, which is
completely independant of the above iterations to get the format. Am I
missing something ? any ideas ?

thank you


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