[Xcb] Xlib/XCB bug fix: XID allocation

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Sun Apr 2 01:15:50 PST 2006

If anyone's trying out Xlib/XCB, you might want to upgrade your Xlib
bits. Yesterday I fixed a bug in Xlib's XID allocation: if a client ran
out of the initial batch of XIDs provided by the server at connection
setup, then a request for more got sent while Xlib was already in the
middle of constructing a request, and an assertion failed.

On my system I apparently get about two million XIDs in that initial
batch, so only heavy and prolonged usage of Firefox demonstrated the bug
in practice. I've written a tiny test app that demonstrated the bug in a
fraction of a second (allocating XIDs is way faster than sending
requests) and the fix I've committed both seems correct and works in the
test app. No sign of assertion death from Firefox in 24 hours of
testing, either. :-)

I'm disturbed, though, that Firefox seemed to have consumed those two
million XIDs after only twelve million requests. Is it really allocating
an XID every six requests? Is that normal?

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