[Xcb] Extensions split into their own libraries; Debian packaging updated for X11R7; TODO

Josh Triplett josh at freedesktop.org
Sun Apr 16 13:19:26 PDT 2006

I just pushed a set of changes which split out most extensions into
their own libraries.  (bigreq and xc_misc stay in libXCB, because it
uses them internally.)  That will allow extensions to change without
affecting the libXCB API or ABI.

I updated the Debian packaging to work with the Debian X11R7 release,
and to transition from /usr/X11R6 to /usr.  I also changed debian/rules
to stop running autoreconf; you now need to build packages from a
distribution tarball.

Finally, I fixed a few issues with the creation of distribution
tarballs, and building software with them.

Still TODO:
* Split the Debian packages by library, which requires some
debian/control stanzas and debian/libxcb*.install files.  I plan to
script the generation of these files to make it easy to add more
extensions in the future; note, though, that such generation cannot
happen automatically as part of the build, since the build process must
not modify debian/control.  Also note that some of the -dev packages
need to Depend on other -dev packages due to the use of <import> in the
protocol descriptions.
* Add a pkg-config file for each library.  These also need dependencies.
 I plan to autogenerate these as well.
* Set a non-zero library version.  Jamey, can we officially declare the
API/ABI stable?
* make distcheck and release version 0.9 as a "preview release".
* Upload packages to Debian, either experimental or unstable.
* Build Xlib/XCB packages for Debian experimental (not unstable, since
they won't come from a released Xlib).

- Josh Triplett

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