[Xcb] Problems with CIA and GIT

Josh Triplett josh at freedesktop.org
Mon Apr 17 02:36:14 EEST 2006

CIA currently receives updates for commits, so the GIT repository must
already have some script in place; the updates just go to the wrong CIA
project name.

- Josh Triplett

Jeremy Kolb wrote:
> Yeah the old scripts were for cvs.  There should be some for git around
> somewhere but I haven't really looked.  I think I based the cvs ones off
> of mesa or something.  I'll see if I can't find something.
> Jeremy
> Josh Triplett wrote:
>> Since we switched to GIT, I noticed that the CIA <http://cia.navi.cx>
>> updates go not to the project "xcb", but to "xcb at lists.freedesktop.org".
>>  Could someone please look into that and get it sending to the correct
>> project again, and hopefully talk a friendly CIA admin into moving the
>> errant commits over?
>> - Josh Triplett

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