[Xcb] XCBGetRequestRead()

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Mon Apr 17 23:04:16 PDT 2006

Thanks!  I've copied your text into the bug.

My inclination is the same as yours; kill
XCBGetRequestRead() and add XCBPollForReply().

1) IMHO you needn't make it "type-safe"; it's a deprecated
   magic interface.

2) So you have the usual litany of bad multiple-return-value
   and disjoint union workarounds for C.  Pick one that
   looks like the others we're using in XCB; they all are

3) Yeah, you probably want to do the in-out thing with the
   reply record the same as you are with the event record.

My 2 cents---probably wrong.  We need to get this resolved
quickly, though.


In message <20060418044829.GN6307 at id.minilop.net> you wrote:
> > Could you or Josh attach a summary of the
> > question/problem to bug #6120, and maybe post it here?
> > Inquiring minds want to know!
> I think I draft better in e-mail. I'll post here, and maybe it'll
> migrate over to the bug too.
> The only thing this function is useful/intended for is to check whether
> forcing a particular reply cookie would block. Xlib uses it that way,
> and my xcb_reply library uses it that way. It's not used by any other
> code, as far as I know.
> This function doesn't fit the use case for several reasons. It's not
> thread-safe, though Josh complained that apps just shouldn't do this
> across multiple threads. It's error-prone -- all two calls in current
> code are buggy -- because callers have to check if one sequence number
> is less than another, and that gets hard at 32-bit wrap. And it answers
> the wrong question: it can prove that a call won't block, but it might
> incorrectly tell the caller that a call will block when it won't.
> Since that's all it's useful for, I think we need a non-blocking variant
> of XCBWaitForReply, instead. We already have a non-blocking variant of
> XCBWaitForEvent. There are several things that make this complicated
> though.
> 1) Type-safety. XCB*ForEvent uses a generic event pointer type.
> XCBWaitForReply uses a void*, but appears only in the extension API and
> is intended to be called only by a type-safe wrapper. Simply duplicating
> the function in a Poll variant suggests we ought to duplicate all the
> type-safe wrappers as well. Obviously we *can* do this, but should we?
> On the bright side it only affects requests that have replies, and those
> are rarer than the other kind.
> 2) Return value. We might detect three distinct conditions, and the
> caller needs to be able to tell the difference. These are: returned a
> reply because one was immediately available; returned nothing because we
> would have had to block to return a reply; returned nothing because we
> can prove no more responses can come to that sequence number.
> XCBWaitForReply only blocks in the second case.
> 3) Interaction with X error handling. Probably this new function needs
> to poll for "either reply or, if requested when enqueueing, error", as
> per plan 7.
> Uh, does that cover everything?

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