[Xcb] typo in doc, replaced deprecated function XCBConnectBasic in doc

Thomas Hunger hto at arcor.de
Mon Aug 14 13:20:22 PDT 2006

> P.S. We could detect these kind of errors automatically if the
> source was split out from the tutorial so it could be compiled.

How would you include the source in the html file? I think it is not 
always desirable to include the entire boilerplate code like 
#includes etc. into the html file.

Maybe one could place comments like

/* Begin Example XCBCreateWindow */
... stuff ...
/* End Example XCBCreateWindow */

into the code and something like

<?example XCreateWindow?>

into the html file?

But then I don't know an elegant way to join the example files with 
the html file. Maybe some bash+sed or so?


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