[Xcb] questions about proper event loop and timers

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Mon Aug 14 16:49:46 PDT 2006

The problem with select()ing on the XCB FD is that I'm
pretty sure you can get into races with XCB in a
multithreaded situation, and even in a single-threaded
situation you may experience false wakeups from reply data.
If you select(), then XCBPollForEvent() until no more events
are available whenever the XCB FD shows readable, it will
*probably* work, but I'm a little confused about races
between calling XCBPollForEvent(), live data arriving, and
falling back into the select().  Even if it works, I'm not
convinced that we want to *guarantee* that it will work...

It seems clear from folks' comments that XCB core or at
least Util needs to support some better I/O-multiplexing
mechanism for event-driven single-threaded programs.  Some
of us will chat offline about this RSN, and hopefully there
will also be an online conversation about what it should
be.  Good ideas appreciated.


In message <200608141024.59657.hto at arcor.de> you wrote:
> Hi
> I hit a similar problem just yesterday: Polling spikes the cpu, 
> WaitForEvent blocks everything and I don't want to open an extra 
> thread just for WaitForEvent. So:
> > We could consider putting the timeout value of the select()s
> > inside XCB under user control.  I'm not very excited about
> > this, but perhaps others on the list feel differently?
> I do not think this would help too much for larger programs. I mostly 
> have a list of file descriptors which are polled with a select call. 
> When using XCBs own select call is enough, it might be a good idea to 
> allow a user defined timeout for the select.
> > I would not recommend polling for events, nor trying to
> > select on the XCB connection fd.  Both of these approaches
> > have a high potential for problems, IMHO.
> I tried the last thing via XCBGetFileDescriptor. When I get the file 
> descriptor, do a select and the OS returns control to me, can I just 
> do a XCBPollForEvent then? Why do you think that doing the select 
> yourself has a high potential for problems?

> Tom
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