[Xcb] xcb ikiwiki available for review

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Mon Dec 18 03:37:53 PST 2006

After much hacking on migration tools, we have successfully converted a
copy of the XCB wiki to ikiwiki <http://ikiwiki.kitenet.net>. We've put
the result up for review at <http://xcb.freedesktop.org/ikiwiki>. We've
reviewed the conversion, and it looks good to us, but we'd like more
eyes looking over the syntax conversion and the history to make sure.

Some administrative work remains before you can commit changes through
either a web form or a git clone and have them appear automatically on
the web. Similarly, the RecentChanges and Preferences links do not
function, since we haven't yet put the ikiwiki CGI into place. We also
plan to put the few final fixes into place soon, such as adding some
Moin smileys to ikiwiki (for instance, {1} through {3}, used on the
XCBToDo page).

Please browse the new wiki, review the history via gitweb (linked from
the History link on each page), and let us know if we have anything left
to fix.

-- Jamey and Josh
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