[Xcb] XCB patch for Xlib: ready for review and test

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Tue Feb 14 18:33:16 PST 2006

I've just consolidated a couple of years of work, on porting Xlib to sit
on top of XCB, into one little patch against X.org HEAD. I'm told the
folks at XDevConf decided that I should make a stable branch of
xorg/lib/X11 and then land the XCB work on HEAD. I plan to do that later
this week.

I'd really appreciate some review on the patch before then, though.
Please look over the latest revision of the 10-xlib-xcb patch series at:
If you feel ambitious, then testing the patch would be great. Note that
it builds on 02-bigreqs-pkg-merge.patch, which I haven't committed yet.

As reported at XDevConf, Xlib/XCB currently passes one test in the X
Test Suite that X.org 6.8.2 doesn't, has one bug I'll fix shortly, and
otherwise fails in the same places. Performance, as tested with x11perf
and by running it full-time on my laptop, is not significantly
different, though some x11perf tests go a little faster now and some
others demonstrate that XCB hasn't been seriously profiled or optimized

Also, libGL won't work with Xlib/XCB on X servers older than X.org 6.9,
because of fd.o bug #3210. XCB has a workaround for that server bug now
but libGL will have to call into XCB directly to trigger the workaround.

Anyway, feedback greatly appreciated.

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