[Xcb] XCB CVS migrated to GIT

Jeremy Kolb jkolb at brandeis.edu
Sat Feb 18 19:13:13 PST 2006

Josh Triplett wrote:
> Hello,
> At an X developer meeting here in Portland, we've received a GIT
> tutorial from two experienced GIT developers and users (Keith Packard
> and Carl Worth), and we've migrated the XCB CVS repository over to GIT.
> Quick GIT translations of CVS commands:
> cvs checkout ... -> git-clone git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xcb
> cvs add file -> git-add file
> cvs status -> git-status -a
> cvs diff -> git-status -a -v
> cvs commit -> git-commit -a , then git-push
> cvs update -> git-pull
> Note that you'll want GIT 1.2 or later.
> There should be a nice GIT tutorial on the freedesktop.org wiki at some
> point.  This short description doesn't explain all the new functionality
> of git, such as distributed operation, branches, and "git bisect".
> The current CVS repository will continue to allow checkouts, diffs, and
> updates, but not commits.
> - Josh Triplett

So just to clarify, effective now we need to use git for development?


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