[Xcb] Problem with XCBImagePut

Vincent Torri Vincent.Torri at iecn.u-nancy.fr
Mon Jun 5 23:17:52 PDT 2006


> . Problem 1
> XCB lacks the tutorials I need. So I am planning to follow XLib
> tutorials. Is this a bad idea? What do you suggest? Should I learn (and
> possibly master) XLib before tackling XCB?

In case you don't know, there's a tutorial in xcb/doc/tutorial

Otherwise, you can follow some Xlib tutorials up to some points.

> . Problem 2
> I am developing in C++ and I had to include XCB headers like this
> <code>
> #include <X11/XCB/xcb.h>
> extern "C"
> {
>    #include <X11/XCB/xcb_aux.h>
>    #include <X11/XCB/xcb_icccm.h>
>    #include <X11/XCB/xcb_image.h>
> }
> </code>
> I think extern "C" should be added to util headers as well.

Indeed, we have to add that check. I'll do it

> .Problem 3
> XCBImagePut documents that it returns 1 if no problems occurs. But
> according to the code (if I read it correctly), it always returns 0.

Indeed. I'll fix it.

> And finally the big one:
> .Problem 4
> I am having problems when I resize my window greater than a certain
> size. XCBPollForEvent returns NULL and error parameter is -1. I copy an
> image(XCBImage) to a window using XCBImagePut. But everything seems to
> work if use to copy the image in parts instead of in one call using
> XCBPutImage (not XCBImagePut).
> Something similar also happens in test_xcb_image when I change W_W and
> W_H defines to 1100. The only difference is test_xcb_image seg faults
> because XCBImageGet returns null.

I'll try to look at that problem when I find some time.

thank you


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