[Xcb] bind from XML

Josh Triplett josh at freedesktop.org
Sun May 14 04:34:40 PDT 2006

Florent Monnier wrote:
>Jeremy Kolb wrote:
>>        I believe eventually we will have the documentation in the xml.
> Is it possible to mix in the same file GPL code and FDL doc ?

No, you cannot.  However, XCB, its protocol descriptions, and its
binding generator all use a non-copyleft license, namely the MIT
license.  XCB needs to link with all sorts of different applications,
either directly or via Xlib/XCB, and we want to replace Xlib which
people may use under a non-copyleft license, so we use a non-copyleft

(If we *did* want a copyleft license, we'd still just use the same
license for both documentation and code; highly recommended to avoid the
compatibility problem and various other problems.)

- Josh Triplett

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