[Xcb] A simple question on XCBGCFunction [SOLVED]

Osmo Maatta osmoma at gmail.com
Thu May 18 09:07:50 PDT 2006


Thanks for your info.

I already sent a "Solved & OK" message to this newsgroup. Maybe the 
message just vanished.

Anyway this case is solved.

Take a look at this simple code (based on the examples).

Compile it:
 gcc -Wall test2.c -o test2 `pkg-config --cflags --libs xcb`

It reports some deprecated lines which I have to work out and move on...

Run it

Focus on the window and press (left) mouse button,  drag the pointer.
You should see a selection rectangle.

That's all for now.

Ian Osgood wrote:
> Hi, Osmo!
> I was not able to get this to work unless I used 
> XCBLineStyleDoubleDash.  Then xor did the right thing.  You can also 
> verify this behavior using the "xgc" app.
> Dashed lines have very complex behavior, which seems to be affected by 
> many GC params, including Function, Foreground, Background, LineStyle, 
> LineWidth, DashOffset, DashList, and Stipple.  I'm not sure what the 
> best combination is for this kind of interactive bounding box.
> (BTW, you want to use XCBCoordModeOrigin below.)
> Ian

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