[Xcb] [Patch] XCBPeekNextEvent()

Ori Bernstein rand.chars at gmail.com
Wed May 31 21:06:19 PDT 2006

While porting Xnest over to XCB as part of my Summer of Code project, I ran
into some code using XCheckIfEvent(). Since I couldn't find any better way of
porting the code to XCB, since it would involve knowing the next event without
getting it (or with ungetting it), I looked into the XCB code, and noticed that
most of the structure I needed to peek the next event was already in place. So,
without further ado, I present to you XCBPeekNextEvent(). 

I'll pretend it gets into XCB for the nonce, until someone gently admonishes me
with a baseball bat and tells me a better way of porting the code over, or
commits it to XCB =)

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