[Xcb] status of xcb_util

Jeremy Kolb jkolb at brandeis.edu
Mon Nov 13 20:41:22 PST 2006

Josh Triplett wrote:
> Thomas Hunger wrote:
>> The util package is nice and I use it lots. I think it should be 
>> integral part of xcb since it provides a lot of functions which 
>> everyone needs (e.g. the icccm helpers).
> [...]
>> I would also like to change the naming in util a little: Now there 
>> is "AllocSizeHints" which would convert to "alloc_size_hints". I 
>> would like to add the additional namespace "xcb_util_". 
>> That would allow me to see where the function originates, which helps 
>> a lot in debugging and reading code. It could also prevent name 
>> clashes (Althout they seem very unlikely for these functions).
> Rather than using an xcb_util_ prefix, and updating and releasing it as one
> package, I think we need to split out individual libraries from xcb-util and
> version and release them separately.  For example, we really need to put out a
> release of libxcb-renderutil, whereas libxcb-wm may not necessarily become
> suitable for release anytime soon.
> - Josh Triplett
Would it be a good idea to make them extension specific?  It might be
nice so we have support (or a common naming scheme at least) or
xcb_$ext_util/aux or something like that.  There are a few extensions
that would really benefit from such utility libraries.


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