[Xcb] final ABI change for RC2; soname bump

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Fri Oct 6 15:23:09 PDT 2006

In our announcement of XCB 1.0 RC1, we noted:

	We would greatly appreciate API review in this final release
	candidate period. We've had some limited feedback that our
	attempts to impose static type safety on XIDs in C pose more a
	hindrance than a help, so we would appreciate discussion over
	whether this constitutes a "serious issue with the API". Some
	question also remains of whether xcb_poll_for_event should have
	the out-parameter 'error', now that XCB has a more uniform
	mechanism for reporting connection errors.

Since we've received feedback agreeing with our proposed changes, and no
support for the existing API, we plan to make both changes and bump the
soname to 1.0.0 in preparation for the release of XCB 1.0 final. We'll
release these changes as XCB 1.0 RC2 soon, probably today.

Once more, the two changes are these:

Where XCB currently declares a structure containing a single uint32_t
for each XID type, it will instead typedef uint32_t to the XID type

Where XCB currently provides this function:

xcb_generic_event_t *xcb_poll_for_event(xcb_connection_t *c, int *error);

It will instead provide the simpler interface:

xcb_generic_event_t *xcb_poll_for_event(xcb_connection_t *c);

On I/O or other errors, xcb_poll_for_event will return null and shut
down the xcb_connection_t. It will no longer terminate the application
under any circumstances.

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