[Xcb] XRenderCompositeString32

Russell Shaw rjshaw at netspace.net.au
Wed Oct 11 23:53:19 PDT 2006

Vincent Torri wrote:
> Hey,
> I think that you are looking for xcb_render_composite_glyphs_32

In XRender.h, we have:

XRenderCompositeString32 (Display		    *dpy,
			  int			    op,
			  Picture		    src,
			  Picture		    dst,
			  _Xconst XRenderPictFormat *maskFormat,
			  GlyphSet		    glyphset,
			  int			    xSrc,
			  int			    ySrc,
			  int			    xDst,
			  int			    yDst,
			  _Xconst unsigned int	    *string,
			  int			    nchar);

In xcb/render.h, we have:

xcb_render_composite_glyphs_32_checked (xcb_connection_t        *c,
                                         uint8_t                  op,
                                         xcb_render_picture_t     src,
                                         xcb_render_picture_t     dst,
                                         xcb_render_pictformat_t  mask_format,
                                         xcb_render_glyphset_t    glyphset,
                                         int16_t                  src_x,
                                         int16_t                  src_y,
                                         uint32_t                 glyphcmds_len,
                                         const uint8_t           *glyphcmds)

In xcb_render_composite_glyphs_32_checked(), shouldn't there be "const uint32_t *glyphcmds"
instead of "const uint8_t *glyphcmds" ?

It is misleading, because glyphcmds_len could be mistaken for the byte length instead of the
number of uint32_t elements.

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