[Xcb] Re: [PATCH] LockDisplay/UnlockDisplay in libXi

Magnus Kessler Magnus.Kessler at gmx.net
Sun Oct 15 02:09:56 PDT 2006

On Sunday 15 October 2006 08:54, Jamey Sharp wrote:
> Thanks for another fine locking bug report, Magnus! We should probably
> be discussing these issues on the xorg list, since they're not XCB bugs.
> So I'm moving discussion there. Your message is quoted below for the
> benefit of xorg readers.
> I didn't want to have to reason about whether it was OK to drop the
> Display lock in _XiGetExtensionVersion. Chances are good it isn't OK. Of
> course you're finding that XInput_find_display was dropping the display
> lock there anyway and nobody noticed before, but that doesn't make it
> OK. :-)
> So instead I moved calls to XInput_find_display outside of the Display
> lock. It turned out that on these code paths it was being called
> sometimes three or four times when once should suffice, so I just added
> parameters to _XiGetExtensionVersion and _XiCheckExtInit to pass the
> XExtDisplayInfo structure to where it was needed.
> I'd like review before I push: would libXi hackers (Daniel Stone?)
> please tell me whether this is a reasonable change? And Magnus, would
> you confirm that it fixes the bug for you?
> I've attached the patches.
> --Jamey

Thanks, Jamey for taking this on. Your patch works fine for me and solves 
the crash I observed.

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