[Xcb] porting Xft and pango to XCB

Yang JianJun supermaper at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 23:50:57 PDT 2006

        I have ported libXft and Pango to XCB backend, It works well now.
For some reasons I picked Pango-1.8 which use Xft for rendering instead of
cairo. I removed pangox backend in pango, just use pangoxft which build
directly on the lates XCB.
        The default backend of libXft is X11 ,the configure option is
"--enable-xcb" if you want to use the XCB backend.The same as xft, pango
also use "--enable-xcb" to enable pangoxft to build on XCB. In addition,
some Xlib functions in Xft have not ported yet,includes XGetDefault and
XRenderQuerySubpixelOrder. I just hard-code the default values.
        All my work is available from
http://svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/gtk-xcb/. Have a look at that and let me
know if you have more questions.
        Any suggestion is welcome, thanks!

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