[Xcb] bug #8207: split our GIT repository

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Tue Sep 12 00:59:11 PDT 2006

People have been asking for the XCB repository to be split by
subproject, so that for example xcb-proto, xcb-util, and xcb-demo would
each get their own GIT repository. Someone even went so far as to list
us as the prime example of "mistakes made during repository migration"
from CVS to GIT, because of using a single repo. Jerk. ;-)

The most convincing argument I've heard is that tags apply to the entire
repository, so when we tag xcb-1.0, for instance, it applies to all the
other subprojects as well. That seems wrong. The original inspiration
for the complaint, however, was that jhbuild didn't support building out
of subdirectories of git trees, and people want to use jhbuild to easily
compile all of X.org.

The suggested fix is to clone our existing repository once for each
subproject. Then in the xcb-proto clone, for example, remove all
subdirectories except xcb-proto, and move the contents of xcb-proto to
the top level. This way, full history is preserved.

Currently, the repository is in a directory named /git/xcb.git on
kemper.freedesktop.org. I propose we leave it there and make that the
repo for the 'xcb' subproject; and create repos under /git/xcb/ for all
the other subprojects, named 'proto', 'util', 'demo', 'libXamine', and
'xhsb'. Then people can clone
... etc. I think.

I propose that in the process we remove tags that aren't relevant in the
new repos. xhsb will have no tags; libXamine gets 'start' (or perhaps
that tag should go away entirely); xcb gets pre_sendrequest and xcb-0.9;
etc. I don't think this will hurt anything.

I'll need help from freedesktop.org admins to update gitweb, if any
manual steps are involved there.

This is a blocker for the 1.0 release because we really shouldn't screw
with our repository this much after our stable release.

Any objections?

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