[Xcb] fonts and cursors

Vincent Torri vtorri at univ-evry.fr
Wed Sep 13 01:38:51 PDT 2006


on irc, etzel asked me how to change the cursors of a window. In 
addition, I would like to add that stuff in the tutorial. I've looked a 
bit in the Xlib code to see how it works and i wrote that code :

font = XCBFONTNew (conn);
XCBOpenFont (conn, font, strlen ("XC_hand1"), "XC_hand1");
cursor = XCBCURSORNew (conn);
XCBCreateGlyphCursor (conn, cursor, font, font,
                       58, 58 + 1,
                       255, 0, 0,
                       0, 255, 0);
mask = XCBCWCursor;
value_list = cursor.xid;
XCBChangeWindowAttributes (conn, window, mask, &value_list);

I have chosen the name of the font thanks to Mr Tronche :


58 being what seems to be the number defining XC_hand1

Of course, it does not work.

Does someone know what the problem is ? Are the cursor names given in the 
link above correct ?

thank you


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