[Xcb] release XCB 1.0 today: last steps needed

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Fri Sep 22 01:58:46 PDT 2006

I have every intent of releasing XCB 1.0 today, if the last few things
go right. Please review everything that matters to you about XCB's API
today, because after the grand renaming lands and we release, that API
can't be changed -- only added to.

Bug #8207, splitting the GIT repository, seemed easy -- git-clone,
git-rm, git-mv, git-commit -- but then Keith argued that things would be
much better if we reconstruct only the relevant history in each
repository. With the simple clone approach, he argues, people going back
through the history will hit a sudden explosion of files when they go
backward past the mass deletions. Unfortunately, the approach he
suggested requires intimate familiarity with GIT's guts, and if I go
there it's going to delay XCB's release further. So unless someone who
actually understands GIT does the splitting for me today, I'm going to
be taking the dumb approach this evening.

On a related note, since we'll be doing repository mangling, please
don't git-push any changes without coordinating with me, until further
notice. Since we're using GIT, though, if you have changes that don't
get in, you can send them to me with git-format-patch and I can sort
them out later. In contrast, we'd be in trouble with CVS, SVN, etc.

I'm pending on Josh for final fixes to bug #8297. He's told me he's been
working on it and would aim to have it ready today, but I haven't heard
how that's going yet. I haven't fixed the issues I mentioned in my
conversion script yet either, so I'll address that today.

I've pushed the fix to bug #8208, so we have error objects instead of
null pointers now, etc. However, now that we have this I've been
wondering if we can simplify the interface to XCBPollForEvent, getting
rid of the int *error out-parameter. We added that when I noticed that
I'd written some code that would Poll forever after the X connection
closed, and XCB couldn't detect or prevent such a bug. Maybe shut-down
connection objects don't solve this problem, but then perhaps the
problem wasn't actually in need of solution?

Finally, we need to bump XCB's SONAME to libXCB.so.1 (bug #5984), and
then generate appropriate tarballs and release.

Again, please review the work we're about to release to see if you have
any last-minute objections. With that, I hope you'll hear back from me
within 24 hours with an XCB 1.0 release. :-)

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