[Xcb] On the python generator and other things

Thomas Hunger hto at arcor.de
Thu Apr 19 11:55:40 PDT 2007


I am happy to anounce I was accepted for the google SOC! The first 
part of my work is a rewrite of the c-binding-generator in python.

I already started that half-heartedly a few month ago. Then I got 
stuck with the iterator generation because I could not figure out 
which iterator or accessor functions were generated when.

The last two days were spend to figure that out. Today I rewrote the 
generator from scratch twice. I tried to be clever, but I hit too 
many special cases. In the end it comes down to a lot of work.

There is a git repository which can be used like this (using a fairly 
recent git with the git-remote command):

In your working copy of libxcb do:
$ git remote add htom git://htom.de/libxcb.git
$ git fetch htom
$ git checkout -b th refs/remotes/htom/th

older gits can use the .git/remotes directory. Unfortunally the 
generated c-code does not compile yet. Also the generator itself is 
pretty unorganized because I had no time to clean up yet.

When things have settled a little I will post another mail with a 
technical description of the new generator.

== Other things ==

There is also a stale DBE branch which I never got to work. My X 
server tells me that DBE is not supported (although set 
in ./configure).

$ git checkout -b dbe refs/remotes/htom/dbe

in the proto directory:

$ git remote add htom git://htom.de/proto.git
$ git fetch htom
$ git checkout -b dbe refs/remotes/htom/dbe

== Some questions ==

- Did anyone start with the protocol description for XKB yet?
- How do I decide if a checked/unchecked function should be generated?

Anyway, I fear you will hear more from me in the next time :)


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