[Xcb] Should we use <bit> instead of <value>?

Ian Osgood iano at quirkster.com
Tue Dec 11 10:27:50 PST 2007

On Dec 11, 2007, at 9:47 AM, Peter Harris wrote:

> I was browsing the XML files when I noticed that some of them use  
> <value> for
> items that look like they should be <bit> instead.
> Is there a policy on this? Should this patch be applied?
> Thanks,
>  Peter Harris

Yes. The <bit> shortcut was introduced after many of these extensions  
were already written. The patch looks mostly good to me, as long as  
you are set up to test the extensions afterwards.  (Naming: I prefer  
not to include "Mask" in enumeration names, because it comes out  
duplicated, for example  "XCB_EV_MASK_NO_EVENT_MASK". Don't worry  
about compatibility; no one is using these extensions yet.)


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