[Xcb] Ungrabserver() creates I/O error vs. XCloseDisplay() triggers assert in LSB test case

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Fri Dec 14 12:50:45 PST 2007

In message <20071214193603.GA14919 at suse.de> you wrote:
> When a client has two connections to the X server, calls XGrabServer() on one
> of them, and then closes that connection (the grab should be automatically
> released), an xcb assertion is triggered and the whole program is terminated.

I'll look at it, but hopefully so will Jamey and Josh, who
are more likely to figure it out quickly than I am.  It is
almost surely an Xlib/XCB bug rather than in Xlib proper,
and it's a strange one.  Perhaps the connection isn't
getting closed properly, but I have no idea why.

(BTW, I tried to create an account on the Novell Bugzilla to
log some stuff, and after futzing around for a few minutes
with the full page of required personal information and the
onerous restrictions on logins and passwords, I just gave
up.  I'll make sure to cc you on everything I find, and you
can fight it for me. :-)


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