[Xcb] [PATCH] libxcb: autotools changes

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Sat Dec 15 23:22:00 PST 2007

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Hi Eamon! I finally got around to committing your patch, and then
discovered you already did it. :-) Thanks!

On 12/4/07, Eamon Walsh <ewalsh at tycho.nsa.gov> wrote:
> Well, I do want my extension in-tree, just disabled by default.

Huh. I don't understand why; can you give some rationale?

> Anyway I've fixed the issues you pointed out and the new patch is
> below.  I disabled an extension (shape) and ran make distcheck and it
> generated tarballs without error...but if you do want the pc.in's
> installed unconditionally let me know.

I don't understand why, but I guess all the .pc.in files are being
distributed even if they're conditionally excluded from EXTRA_DIST. So
`make dist` after configure has been called with some --disable flags
still produces a tarball that can be used when configured with all
extensions enabled.

Which means this is OK, for some reason I don't know.

> But to support out-of-tree experimentation, you can have libxcb
> install the required build machinery in /usr/share/xcb/devel and
> provide a Makefile the user can use to build a library.  The user
> would do something like:
> $ cd $HOME/mystuff
> $ vi foo.xml
> $ make -f /usr/share/xcb/devel/Makefile
> Building foo library, blah blah
> $ make -f /usr/share/xcb/devel/Makefile install
> Installing foo library, blah blah

That seems like the general shape of a solution, yes. (I'd probably use
a simple shell script rather than a Makefile, though, I think...)
Questions remain, though, such as what the .pc file should look like
when generated by this process and how to version the generated
libraries and .pc files.

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