[Xcb] double-buffer.xml?

Thien-Thi Nguyen ttn at gnuvola.org
Mon Dec 17 01:58:22 PST 2007

() Josh Triplett <josh at freedesktop.org>
() Sat, 15 Dec 2007 21:26:44 -0800

   Jeremy Kolb wrote:

   > A long time ago I started on dbe but decided not to pursue it
   > since it's superseded by the Multi-Buffer extension and that
   > in turn is superseded by something else that I can't quite
   > recall.  Anyway I was advised that it was an old extension
   > and shouldn't be ported over (much like DGA etc.).  So
   > currently there are no plans to add double buffer support.
   > That said patches are always welcome.

   While it probably wouldn't get much use in XCB, it would still
   prove useful for server support and protocol decoding.

thanks for the explanation.  i will take a whack at writing
double-buffer.xml (for exercising myself and my programs, aka
playing) and will post it for your consideration at some point.

so, what is the recommended way at the protocol-level (assuming
no C libraries involvement) of doing double buffering, currently?
(is this the correct place to ask that question?  if not, where?)


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