[Xcb] xcb plugins for xine

Christoph Pfister christophpfister at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 12:53:55 PST 2007

Hi all,

Finally I managed to create xcb versions of the xshm and the xv output plugins.

patch_one.diff contains the necessary changes to include/xine.h.
patch_two.diff adds all the needed autotools changes.
patch_three.diff removes some unused variables in the current xshm plugin.
video_out_xcbshm.c, video_out_xcbxv.c, xcbosd.c, xcbosd.h all belong
to src/video_out.
kaffeine_patch.diff is a kaffeine hack for testing all this.

Some notes:
* The required version of libxcb is 1.0 (0.9.93 may also work, but I
discourage its usage).
* You still need a mutex in the output plugins; not because of the xcb
library (it's fully thread-safe) but to synchronize internal stuff
(e.g. ensuring that the image isn't deleted during an expose event).
* There's an issue with large images when not using shared memory [1].
I don't know the severity for xine, but maybe there's some workaround
possible there.
* The attachments are compressed because the mailing list didn't like
my previous post.
* This message was sent to the xine-devel list with the attachments.

Thanks to different people who made this possible ;)
* Vincent Torri for giving me xcb support whenever i needed it.
* Jamey Sharp for caring about the large image issue.
* Christophe Thommeret for providing the autotools patch and testing
the whole thing.


[1] http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xcb/2007-January/002541.html

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