[Xcb] removing latest commit

Vincent Torri vtorri at univ-evry.fr
Wed Feb 21 14:01:27 PST 2007

It seems to be solved. Carl helped me. Gitweb does not show the last 
commit, so I guess it's good.

I prefered remove it rather than committing above it, even if the last one 
is safer.

> In general, the answer is "make sure it's right before you push." ;-)

yes :) I didn't have the latest proto. I was too fast :/

> 	git-reset --hard HEAD^ # remove the last commit locally
> 	git-push -f origin # make remote exactly match your local tree

(For posterity) Carl gave me those following commands :

in a fresh cloned repository :

cd project
git show                   # diff of the latest (so bad) commit
git reset --hard HEAD~1
git show                   # diff of the previous commit
git push origin +master:master

For that last command, here is Carl's comment:

"The +master:master thing is necessary to tell git that you really do know 
want to rewind the history here, (it's definitely not part of the normal 

It was a good fight, with cloning the repository again and again. I called 
it "Clone wars".

and now, good night :)


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