[Xcb] new SELinux protocol reply problem

Xavier Toth txtoth at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 11:07:30 PST 2007

I've defined a new protocol GetPropertyContext which I modeled after
GetAtomName in xproto.xml but it isn't quite working. Using the code
I've include in this message the call to
xcb_se_linux_get_property_context_reply in my test client never
returns which implies that the client never received the reply or the
full reply. At one point I did try setting the reply length to zero
and got a reply but the 'context' string returned only contained 20 of
41 bytes sent. What was also curious about this was that as I was
debugging and rooting around I could see in the connection in that the
entire context string had been received from the server. Is this just
a matter of setting the reply length correctly, if so what should I be
setting to and why? Also as I look at examples in xproto.xml many
requests and replies have a lot of padding that I don't understand the
need for can you help me understand why this is necessary?

XCB Protocol

<xcb header="xselinux" extension-xname="SELinux" extension-name="SELinux"
    major-version="1" minor-version="0">

  <request name="ChangePropertyContext" opcode="0">
    <field type="WINDOW" name="window" />
    <field type="ATOM" name="property" />
    <field type="CARD16" name="context_len" />
    <list type="char" name="context">

  <request name="GetPropertyContext" opcode="1">
    <field type="WINDOW" name="window" />
    <field type="ATOM" name="property" />
      <pad bytes="1" />
      <field type="CARD16" name="context_len" />
      <list type="CARD8" name="context">


Server GetPropertyContext proc.

ProcGetPropertyContext(ClientPtr client)
    PropertyPtr pProp, prevProp;
    unsigned long len, rc;
    WindowPtr pWin;
    xcb_se_linux_get_property_context_reply_t reply;
    Mask access_mode = DixReadAccess;
    security_context_t ctx;

    rc = dixLookupWindow(&pWin, stuff->window, client, DixReadAccess);
    if (rc != Success)
	return rc;

    if (!ValidAtom(stuff->property))
	client->errorValue = stuff->property;

    /* Find the property */
    pProp = wUserProps (pWin);
    prevProp = (PropertyPtr)NULL;
    while (pProp)
	if (pProp->propertyName == stuff->property)
	prevProp = pProp;
	pProp = pProp->next;

    if (!pProp)
	return NullPropertyContextReply(client, &reply);

    switch (XaceHook(XACE_PROPERTY_ACCESS, client, pWin, stuff->property,
    case XaceErrorOperation:
	client->errorValue = stuff->property;
	return BadAtom;;
    case XaceIgnoreOperation:
	return NullPropertyContextReply(client, &reply);

     *  Return context value to client
    rc = avc_sid_to_context(PropertyGetSIDPriv(pProp), &ctx);
    if (rc < 0) {
      FatalError("XSELinux: Failed to get security context!\n");

    len = strlen(ctx);
    reply.response_type = X_Reply;
    reply.length = (len + 3) >> 2;
    reply.sequence = client->sequence;
    reply.context_len = len;

sizeof(xcb_se_linux_get_property_context_reply_t), &reply);

    if (len > 0)
	WriteToClient(client, len, (char *)ctx);


Test code.

#include <stdio.h>

#include <xcb/xcb.h>
#include <xcb/xcb_atom.h>
#include <xcb/xselinux.h>

main ()

  xcb_connection_t *c;
  xcb_screen_t     *screen;
  xcb_window_t      win;
  char             *title = "Hello World !";
  char             *title_icon = "Hello World ! (iconified)";

  xcb_generic_error_t *generic_error = NULL;

  xcb_intern_atom_cookie_t atom_cookie;
  xcb_intern_atom_reply_t *atom_reply;
  xcb_atom_t atom;
  xcb_get_atom_name_cookie_t atom_name_cookie;
  xcb_get_atom_name_reply_t *atom_name_reply;

  xcb_se_linux_get_property_context_cookie_t prop_cookie;
  xcb_se_linux_get_property_context_reply_t *prop_reply;

  /* Open the connection to the X server */
  c = xcb_connect (NULL, NULL);

  /* Get the first screen */
  screen = xcb_setup_roots_iterator (xcb_get_setup (c)).data;

  /* Ask for our window's Id */
  win = xcb_generate_id (c);

  /* Create the window */
  xcb_create_window (c,                             /* Connection          */
                     0,                             /* depth               */
                     win,                           /* window Id           */
                     screen->root,                  /* parent window       */
                     0, 0,                          /* x, y                */
                     250, 150,                      /* width, height       */
                     10,                            /* border_width        */
                     XCB_WINDOW_CLASS_INPUT_OUTPUT, /* class               */
                     screen->root_visual,           /* visual              */
                     0, NULL);                      /* masks, not used     */

  /* Set the title of the window */
  xcb_change_property (c, XCB_PROP_MODE_REPLACE, win,
                       WM_NAME, STRING, 8,
                       strlen (title), title);

  /* Set the title of the window icon */
  xcb_change_property (c, XCB_PROP_MODE_REPLACE, win,
                       WM_ICON_NAME, STRING, 8,
                       strlen(title_icon), title_icon);

  /* Map the window on the screen */
  xcb_map_window (c, win);

  xcb_flush (c);

  atom = xcb_intern_atom_reply (c,
                                      xcb_intern_atom (c,

  atom_name_cookie = xcb_get_atom_name(c, atom);
  atom_name_reply = xcb_get_atom_name_reply(c, atom_name_cookie,
  fprintf(stderr, "atom %d %s\n",

  fprintf(stderr, "xcb_se_linux_get_property_context_reply_t %d\n",
  prop_cookie = xcb_se_linux_get_property_context(c, win, WM_NAME);
  prop_reply = xcb_se_linux_get_property_context_reply(c, prop_cookie,

  if ((generic_error != NULL) || (prop_reply == NULL)) {
    return 0;

  int num_ret = xcb_se_linux_get_property_context_context_length(prop_reply);
  char *retval = xcb_se_linux_get_property_context_context(prop_reply);

  fprintf(stderr, "Context %d %s %d\n", num_ret, retval, strlen(retval));

  while (1) {}

  return 0;

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